Written Thoughts · December 29, 2020

Art and Medium

There’s a fine line between a lunatic and an artist, that line is the choice of their medium of expression..

Therefore, mediums are a way of displaying that expression into socially acceptable forms so that others would understand that it’s art and not reject it right away for being labeled as “insanity”.

Medium is a restriction that makes art defy its own purpose.. “Insanity” is the truest form but unseen to the conditioned eye.

Medium is also a coping mechanism, a survival instinct, to avoid being labeled as clinically insane because “we live in a society”, that’s good measure against pack mentality.. Better yet, use their need to form packs against them and in your favor by building a cult/army.

Medium is a tool, for gain and protection.. the strongest one there is.

Time to fearlessly live like a lunatic and use life as a medium!

“but no one listens to lunatics” well, no one gets art either, they only pretend to like it to seem cultured.