Written Thoughts · August 25, 2022


If there’s one lesson I learned from life that I could tell people to save them a lot of time, it’s to sit with the feeling of disillusionment, no matter how bad it feels..

I know it feels bad, so bad that you will wanna do anything to try and recover that false image of whatever it is you once had before the grand disappointment, so fight that urge, and sit with that bitter feeling of disillusionment, it will later become something you get used to and maybe you’ll even come to like it (like an acquired taste).

Being attached to something that hurts you, and keeps on hurting you, just because of how it used to make you feel in the beginning, or in better words, because of how you “perceived it” reminds me a lot of smoking (which I did for 16 years then quit) you literally keep inhaling toxins and destroying your respiratory system (which your whole body and existence depends on) just to get this momentary dopamine rush (the magic you felt with your first cigarette).. now, doesn’t that sound dumb? It does, theoretically, but as humans we do dumb things.

Sit with the disillusionment, it feels horrible, but it spares you years of pain 👁️