Written Thoughts · March 10, 2023

Expansion vs Annihilation

It all begins with “Nothing”.

Expansion comes from admitting you don’t know.

Setting aside any protective knowledge To deliberately put yourself in a state of confusion.

Your mind becomes a clean slate, even for just a moment, you welcome so many new experiences and perspectives to enter it.

You add your new findings to your resource of accumulated knowledge and keep taking in more and building it up, ever-growing.

While sharing it with others..

Together, we’re on a never-ending journey of creation and expansion.

A constant flow of life.

So if “Expansion” is born from “Nothing”, where does “Annihilation” come from?

Annihilation comes from holding on to protective knowledge.

And creating “Certainty” to end the possibility of forming any new ideas.

Annihilation is fear.

Fear of life.

An unhealthy attachment to “Something”

Resulting in a life-taking disease.



You know nothing..