Written Thoughts · October 21, 2022

Fake it till you make it

“Fake it till you make it”

What does it mean?

To pretend to “be” something until you fully “become” it.

It’s a healthy slogan to follow in a couple of scenarios:

It you’re depressed and wanna get yourself out of it so you do things you’re not really “feeling” right now just for the sake of the future, you develop new habits and keep repeating them until your brain starts to produce healthy chemicals by itself and those healthy habits become part of you.


If you don’t have all the skills required for a certain role yet, but you confidently approach it (knowing you already have what it takes) and hone your skills along the way through practice or in the background away from people’s eyes.


What I see most people do is..

They fake it.. and when they get the validation their ego needed they believe that they’ve “made it” and forever live a fake life without ever trying to learn anything new but pretend to “know”.