Written Thoughts · September 12, 2022


What is freedom?

Some would say that freedom is a state of being, not something you seek, because if you’re seeking freedom then you’re still imprisoned by “the desire to be free”, and that paradoxically once you let go of that desire you become free.

I think this only applies to someone who’s already in a place where they’re not oppressed or restricted in any way, where none of their needs or basic rights as a human is denied.

Otherwise, it would mean that you’re just passively submitting to circumstance.

For me, freedom is about liberation.

It’s more of a process or a purpose than a “state”.

It happens through active conscious thought and action.

It’s a beautiful struggle, and a never-ending path toward exploring the unknown.

A never-ending path of self-understanding, and endlessly facing challenges to break down barriers (inner and outer) one after another.

And I definitely choose that struggle over “peaceful acceptance”.