Written Thoughts · January 13, 2020

The magic of imagination

I went to a “dinosaur museum” and it turned out to be just a small room in some university with displays of bones and rocks (which is a bit disappointing if u had spent 2 days waiting for this)..

Visually, they look like just a bunch of crap, but the story and trail of thought behind each piece is what makes them “mind-blowing”.. which makes me think about how much we depend on imagination.. We don’t “see”, we “think”, and we need “context” to enjoy the things we see or experience..

I’ve always thought that reality is what protects us from drifting away and becoming fully detached from the world, but now I think that imagination is what’s really protecting us from the cold harsh meaninglessness of reality..

Because there is no more magic in today’s world.. or maybe the only magic that’s left is how much our imagination has evolved that now we can create “magic” of our own..

So maybe we should take that leap and not fear what we might become?