Hypnotic Bass Loops


Trained as a bassist, I use frequency, time, patterns, and harmony to visit a deeper spectrum of emotions and states of mind. I make music with a shamanic approach, layered loops you can delve deep into while contemplating your thoughts.


A bass, looper, mic, and some effect pedals, as well as recording some sounds from nature or the general atmosphere. It’s all analog, with DIY recording, mixing, and mastering.

History and Progress:

Throughout my life, I’ve always been working on some solo project on the side while being in bands but not giving it as much attention, then at some point I grew tired of bands and their problems so I decided to invest all my energy into myself and my artistic vision instead.

With just a bass, a looper, some effect pedals, and my voice, I started this experimental project in isolation to explore the metaphysics of sound and emotion, and also a form of self-healing. In 2023 I brought it to light by doing YouTube Live sessions for a few months, then later on brought it out to real life to be experienced by an actual audience, all while working on material for an album.

On 18th May 2024, I finally released it on Bandcamp.

It’s a 13-track album titled “and from the chaos that birthed me I shall return again“.

Also, a compressed digital version of Rebirth is included with the purchase of the album on Bandcamp!

**Click Image to listen to the album on Bandcamp**

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