Written Thoughts · September 21, 2020

Utilizing Anger

Hold on to that anger, cool it down, organize it, then use it as a driving force to get your shit done, paperwork, bureaucracy, money, all that bullshit that people have invented that doesn’t personally mean shit to them but is supposed to be a means to an end.. This is the ONLY healthy outlet for anger.. Anger wants instant resolve, anger wants NOW! then fuckin use it to get what’s rightfully yours! anger is fear mixed with disappointment and pent-up frustration, and think of it, the cause of all that is one thing, MONEY, and the idea that people find it “impossible” to bend some meaningless rules out of laziness and/or stupidity.. Tap into that anger, all of it, even that caused by personal problems, slow it down, concentrate it, organize it, and use it to work the system.. Instead of taking your anger out on people like a fuckin bitch, take it out on the system!