2023 Recap


YouTube Live-Stream (Hypnotic Bass Loops):

During that time I was romanticizing the idea of being a “digital nomad” and wanted to build an online community to make my “base”. I studied how social media works and did it consistently for 5 months, only to realize in the end that I’m not an online person and the digital world will never be fulfilling to me.

Book Launch + Tarot Reading in Art Markets and Cafes:

After putting my Art Book together (with all the art I’ve been making since 2019) I printed the first edition, in the form of 6 booklets inside a hand-drawn cover (50 copies), and joined a few Art Markets to start the conversation about it and observe people’s reaction to it, while also doing Tarot Reading on the side.

With only a few copies left, the first edition now serves as a rare collectible item.

I’ve also been invited to a yoga center to give an introduction workshop about Subconscious Art, as part of a day full of other mini-workshops focused on healing. Workshops are definitely part of my long-term plan but have to be put on hold right now.


Music Performance @ Destruction Spell Tour 2023 by Kancil House Collective

This was my introduction to the experimental music scene in Bekasi. It felt great to share my art and music with people who appreciate them and have such a welcoming attitude.

Live Painting + Music Performance @ Music in the Park

This was a day-long event that featured 19 bands of many different genres. I was invited here to do a live painting performance as bands were on stage and then get up there afterward to showcase my music.

I started the day by setting up my booth and doing some Tarot Reading for people.


Here I was part of the actual process of organizing the event. As everything was magically falling into place, I suggested the theme “Alchemy” and we went with the concept.

It was an honor to work alongside three musicians of such caliber. I got to transmute their music into a painting, then we ended the night with a collaboration of the four of us.

This night didn’t only result in the creation of “Alchemy” as an entity, but also the painting will always be there to preserve the memory. I titled it “Orchestrated Chaos” and It’s currently at auction!