Subconscious Art


In essence, it’s a language I developed to communicate with my subconscious. I draw in a meditative state, letting everything deep within me flow while allowing my conscious mind to observe and create meaning.

Using minimalistic lines and a few keywords as a title, I guide you (the viewer) on your own contemplative journey. So in the end, this language also connects us on a profound unspoken level, a connection all humans yearn for.

Vision and Philosophy:

With the bare minimum, just ink on paper (black and white dualism), I mix elements of human, emotion, and nature, with some symbolism, while creating movement and new dimensions that could only exist on a 2D abstract plane.

In the end, they are just lines, but through them, I open your eyes to infinite possibilities and years of knowledge stored as subconscious information.

The themes are based on what’s going on in my personal life at the time, documenting my experiences, emotions, thoughts, developed theories, and existential suffering.

An Existential Journal:

Each of these collections (click title to expand) describes a chapter of my journey of Rebirth which I’ve combined into a 6-part complete work.

From 2019 to 2023, these collections contain more art than what I chose to display here (this is just to give you an idea), along with poetry vague enough to guide you through the storyline while leaving room for the imagination.

The first edition comes in the form of a box set (6 booklets in a hand-drawn cover)

If you’re interested in this limited edition rare collectible item you can get your copy here!

**For those who bought the first edition, I sincerely thank you! Your contribution means a lot to me since it helps fund my art and music projects. This growth is only possible because of you!**

The second edition is currently only available as an E-book that you can get directly through me.

**There are also plans to work with a publishing house to make the second edition available as a paperback book in Egypt but it will take some time.**

My art is also available as high-quality on-demand art prints. Worldwide shipping available.

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