Written Thoughts · December 22, 2022

Art and Ego

Is art an extension of the ego?

(That’s one of the questions that are always on my mind, the things I’m constantly formulating and constructing theories about)

First of all.. what makes me ask this question? What’s the connection between art and ego?

Maybe the idea that “art” is a lifelong quest of wanting to “leave something behind” or “have an impact” like one’s small existence matters in any way, is what creates this association with “ego”.


Looking at it closely..

From my perspective at least..

Why do I create?

Because I have no one to talk to

About things that are too big to even begin to explain in words.

From a very early age

Very early

Before I was even able to talk

I was exposed to so many things


Things that seem like secrets to be taken to one’s grave..

It’s too much to hold on to

Especially when it’s hard to explain or express these things

And that’s what creates the drive

The motivation

To have the discipline to learn or develop a system to use as a medium of expression

To be able to say as much as I can using the least time and effort possible

And I choose the mediums of expression through a very elaborate thought process in the back of my head, calculating infinite possibilities and their probable outcomes.

So.. where exactly does ego come into play here?

It doesn’t actually..

But.. maybe the receiver’s ego does, and it paradoxically throws me further into my isolation, making me create more art.

Let me explain..

So let’s say I pour my heart out into something

And show it to the people around me

In an attempt to connect and communicate something they might have never experienced in their lives

Bringing something new into existence

Bridging gaps in knowledge

An attempt to help the receiver find missing pieces of the puzzle

But instead of it being received that way

As a communication

And a way to get closer to the truth

It gets received as an attempt to “show off”

So the message doesn’t get received but instead gets pushed away because their ego sees it as a threat.

Triggering jealousy and predatory behavior driven by insecurities.

My message is once again pushed away

Paradoxically making me create more art, that I still cannot find people to share it with and communicate my message to.

So.. is art an extension of the ego?

No.. it doesn’t “come from ego”

But because ego exists and drives people apart

The unfulfillable need for sincere communication exists

And that’s where real art comes from.