Written Thoughts · November 11, 2021

Narcissistic possession

Narcissists, in short, are people who keep holding on to excessive fear (because it has served them at some point) so they control their environment with everything in it. They hate to have their perspective challenged and will intend to destroy anything and anyone that proves that the information they gathered about life is incorrect or incomplete. Excelling at control and manipulation tactics doesn’t mean they’re super geniuses, it’s just that this is all they ever live for, so they’re very well trained! (they’re actually pretty dumb considering they’re not good at anything else and have to manipulate their way through)

If you were born into a house of narcissists, you will most likely develop a pattern of narcissistic partners, because the intense attention they give and their possessiveness register to you as “love”.

How to break the pattern? Slowly learn, and accept, that your actions have very minimal, to zero, influence on your surroundings/future, and prioritize sustainability over fast results. Apply that to every aspect of your life.