Written Thoughts · September 17, 2020

Post Covid Fear

Everyone was united in fear of one thought (the virus), then things took too long and when things take too long thoughts tend to stray away, so people strayed away from the idea of the virus, but the fear is still there, but scattered around in different forms.. Conspiracy theories, or just plain anxiety, or fixation on one’s personal problems and how they “lost”, well fuck you you insignificant piece of shit!

Control, that’s where it’s all at, things have changed and people don’t like it, because they don’t fit into the way they see things, they wanna fit everything, the seen and unseen, into a small tiny box of their own creation, well that’s just fuckin dumb.. If you refuse to adapt because you don’t wanna be “under control” well guess what! You are! Your idea of how things should be is “control”, you’re not free, you just worship another system, an older one..

Nothing is under control and that’s the beauty of it!

Those who seek to control are afraid, not of an actual threat, but of their own mind, which is fuckin stupid..