Written Thoughts · January 29, 2021

Room (short story)

You find yourself in a place with no windows, where the walls are extremely white, and so is the furniture.. The fluorescent light, which doesn’t seem to have a source, makes everything look unnaturally bright that it makes the color of human skin seem like it’s a hole burnt in the fabric of reality.. the place is wide and spacious and full of couches for people to sit on, the couches are modern and shapeless, and full of cushions to make it “comfy” but actually inconvenience whoever sits there, the place is like a maze, you can get lost there, all the rooms look exactly the same and seem to lead to each other that you don’t even know how many rooms there are..

There are people.. lots of people, scattered around, some sitting on the couch, some walking around, and they’re all doing so in perfect flawless posture, very slow, very relaxed, very organized, in absolute harmony.. and they’re all naked..

The color of their naked flesh contrasts with the extreme spotless whiteness and brightness of everything that it brings out how gross the human body can be, with all the sweat oozing out of every pore, and the dead skin follicles spreading around like pollen.. you are very aware of everything, of how disgusting everyone is, and out of all the bodies, yours is the most disgusting, since you can, not only see, but feel, every little microscopic detail, you feel guilty for existing and making everything you touch or come into contact with dirty.

The background music doesn’t seem to ever stop, just one repetitive piece of elevator music that keeps repeating over and over again, to the point that your mind doesn’t even pick up on it anymore and filters it out as silence, but at other times it’s the only thing that’s there and the loop drives you insane as your mind is incapable to break free from it on its own.

The place is not only inhabited by humans, but also a spider-like creature.. it’s slightly bigger than a large human, has 4 legs, and skin very similar to human skin, old wrinkly loose flabby human skin.. the strong sharp bones that make its limbs emphasize the flabbiness of its skin.. its boneless head looks like a giant wart, like one of those warts some people have on their back that makes you cringe when u accidentally touch..

The creature has many eyes randomly scattered around its shapeless bulb of a head, shaped like human eyes, but red, blood red, with no iris, they look like eyes where all the blood vessels have broken and all you can see is the blood, you can’t count the eyes because they have no order to how they’re distributed around its head, and also that the creature moves too fast you have no chance of picking up on those details.. there’s also a mouth there somewhere that you can only see when it opens it, and it contains two needle-sharp fangs, very thin and sharp you can almost not feel them when they penetrate your skin.. you just take notice when you start to feel woozy due to the loss of blood..

No one is allowed to speak of the creature.. to the point that you feel like you’re the only one seeing and experiencing it, even though you’ve seen it suck other people’s blood as well right there in front of your, and other people’s, eyes.. and if you ever dared confronted them with what you’ve seen, they’d just deny it, or refuse to talk about it, or just dismiss it as nonsense.

Everyone is relaxed and doesn’t seem to have any problem whatsoever with this place, not with the creature and how you’re not supposed to acknowledge its existence, not with the music, not with the extreme brightness of the room, not with the couches and their useless pillows, not with the lack of windows, not with the weird nakedness and lack of boundaries, not with how everything is so organized and sterile that it feels like it’s a disease to be human, and certainly not with how everyone else is so okay with all that, but they’re also smiling all the time!

And to add to all this.. you’re also supposed to smile and maintain your composure, as any display of emotion will be considered an outburst and will get you banished to hell.

Welcome to heaven.