Written Thoughts · January 9, 2021

The Puppet Master (Poem)

All the broken pieces,

Have fallen into place


The puppet master’s grand reveal!

Empty, each in their own way..

Paying empty compliments, to complement eachother.

Shaping the misshapen with mere syllables of sound.

Channeling frequencies.

Emulating neurotransmitters.

The puppet master tunes his strings..

The psychologically deformed, mutants of different forms, feeding off of each others’ pain.

And with eyes wide open, I take it all in..

Licking the scraps off the bottom of the well..

Nothing is ever enough, I need more!

With eyes wide open, I feast upon your torment..

Indulging the sickest of my cravings.

And from the deepest pit of my “soul”,

I give you the purest of love.

O’ maggots squirming in an open wound.

Rotting a hole in the fabric of existence,

The heaviest, deepest, most dense of all holes,

What a day it is, to end it all..

The puppet master plays his strings..

And with eyes wide open,

I behold..

The birth of a singularity.